Tow Traffic Support for incident management and more

How does the support platform work?

“Due to the professional service I felt safe throughout the whole towing process and I appreciate that.”

Tow Traffic Support creates transparency and connects all the players in the breakdown and recovery services market

About Tow Traffic Support

Previously, our platform was known under another name. We have decided to take a new path. Tow Traffic Support is now our new name with the same mission. Making the recovery and tow truck services market transparent and connecting all the players.

The new name is not so important. Support, that's what it’s about. We work as one strong community to support people. Co-operation is central. Together we work to achieve a strong image. Instead of having many different visual images, we want to present ourselves to the market as a unit. One recognizable image. 100% transparent and professional, so that recovery services and tow truck services can focus on their core business.

The breakdown and recovery services market is very complicated. All those concerned in the market want to understand it as best as possible, but this can only truly happen when we untangle the current complex situation. The whole can only become clear when we give all the players (e.g. the government, legal insurance companies, automobile clubs, the tow truck services, the transportation industry ...) a better understanding of this market.

Transparency allows for this understanding and makes room for trust between the players themselves. Thus creating a market where everyone can agree and where the players can re-focus on their core business.

  • The platform connects all the players in the breakdown and recovery market so that they can communicate with each other. Read more
  • The tow truck’s onboard GPS is set remotely. Ensuring the driver has the fastest route to his next assignment problem free. Read more
  • The platform works cost-effectively so that the cost structure is healthier. Read more

At the moment a motorist breaks down or has an accident, he is faced with a series of decisions he has to make. For example: call a garage, his own breakdown service provider, his legal insurance or leasing company and in the case of a serious incident the emergency services. These different parties can in Belgium at this precise moment choose from over 300 recovery service companies as strangely enough a central calling point does not exist here. This makes an already complex situation even slower.

Tow Traffic Support is changing this. Tow Traffic Support is a central platform where interested parties are helped 24/7 with the immobilisation of a vehicle. A good example of this is the FAST project.

FAST (Traffic jams reduced by fast intervention) considers everything that is stationary on a Flemish motorway as dangerous. And rightly so! This requires an efficient approach. Therefor the Tow Traffic Support platform was created.

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