How does this platform work?

When a notification comes in, the CIC (Communication and Information centre) passes this on to the Tow Traffic Support central dispatch. Tow Traffic Support forwards the assignment via the iPad installed in the recovery truck and the SIGNA. The driver can leave immediately as he does not have to write anything down. Even his GPS is programmed from a distance via the app, enabling him to quickly find his way so that he can be on site in less than 20 minutes. Moving the process into a higher gear.

By the time the recovery truck has completed its task, Tow Traffic Support will have all the correct information for all the necessary documentation (invoices, rapports, etc.), which need to be forwarded to the relevant parties, such as the legal insurance companies. Since all the data comes from a central point, the same information will be used throughout reducing administrative error margins. As a result of this central reporting system the whole process moves into top gear.

Who benefits from this platform?

Not only will the inconvenience initiator appreciate this fast approach but all the other participants too. There is now specifically 1 platform where all the participants are connected: Tow Traffic Support. For society, specifically the inconvenience initiator and all the other citizens, the advantage is that the recovery service will become cheaper. Mobility will improve, which will result in the quicker dispersement of traffic jams and the automatic reduction of traffic jams caused by other motorists who slow down to look at the incident. There are benefits with the new procedures for the government too, specifically a better price/quality ratio and more efficient recovery services. The incident operator who also drives the signa provides the government with an extra pair of eyes too. He reports dangerous traffic situations to the CIC. The CIC in turn then decide if the police are needed at the scene. Tow Traffic Support offers the recovery companies economies of scale, uniforms and documentation. These allow them to work quicker.

Tow Traffic Support makes the market transparent and thereby ensuring a better image for the sector. Those who actively use Tow Traffic Support will have better market insight due to the analysis provided from the collected data. The icing on the cake is that the whole process is environmentally friendly.

This is what we at the Tow Traffic Support community call “FAST to the next level”.

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  • FAST (Traffic jams reduced by fast intervention) considers everything that is stationary on a Flemish motorway as dangerous and ensures that the automobile is as quickly as possible removed. FAST is also integrated in the platform

  • The platform is accessible by phone. From our dispatch centre we connect the different players in the market, so they can work together in an efficient way.

  • The tow truck’s onboard GPS is set remotely. Ensuring the driver has the fastest route to his next assignment problem free. The specific information per tow is automatically forwarded to the tow truck driver’s iPad. Enabling him to immediately start on the problem at hand and it’s a handy checklist to boot.

  • The platform guards your safety: We send a warning car to every recovery situation on the motorway. Consequently, there is less chance of accidents during the proceedings.

  • The platform ensures that the incident initiator’s vehicle is towed away as soon as possible. We are also in contact with several recovery services that can ensure this. The platform always contacts the appropriate FAST tow truck, so that the end customer is further helped as soon as possible.

  • The platform is operational 24/7. You can rest assured that the platform is always ready to provide you a fast and quality service.