What is a SIGNA?

It is our pleasure to present to you the new SIGNA. The signalling vehicle is dynamically deployable and protects you and your customers as it warns road users of hindrances in advance.

This is not only an important innovation in the FAST project. It is also a positive development for our industry because it increases the visibility and safety for not only the incident initiator, the citizen or the tow truck but also for the police.

The Battenburg pattern

The new SIGNA is decorated along its sides with the Battenburg pattern. This pattern ensures maximum visibility due to the shape and the material of the coating.

The pattern consists of alternating squares of different colour. It is no coincidence that the pattern has the shape of a square. It has been scientifically proven that a square is the most striking shape as it is not a natural form. A logical knock on effect will be that road users will become more alert when they see this pattern.

The Battenburg pattern has been used for some time now in the UK in order to ensure the visibility of the emergency services there. They use the same pattern in different colour combinations to identify different services. In this way each services becomes more recognisable.

The SIGNA pattern consists of alternate squares of black and lime yellow. Due to the micro prismatic surface of the lime yellow colour it is visible by day and night. The prisms reflect the light ensuring the best possible visibility of the vehicle in any situation is optimised.

Battenburg patroon

The signing is cut to size and then fitted with a sealing along the sides. This allows no moisture or dirt between the material so that the coating lasts longer.

As the branding will be standardised all the SIGNAs will look the same. They will become more recognisable in the street scene and as a group can count on more respect.

The SIGNA was designed in collaboration with SsangYong Belgium. The model, the Rodius, was optimised so that it can fill the function of signalling car perfectly. For example; the securely attached contents of the suitcase/briefcase mounted on a convenient pull-out shelf.

The SIGNA is driven by an incident operator. An incident operator is given specific training certifying him to drive the vehicle.

The vehicle can carry five passengers and a driver and is equipped with five doors. This is important, as all passengers must be able to get in and out of the vehicle on all sides safely at any given time.

Despite the size of the vehicle, it is still a light load. Making it tax friendly and the price/quality of the SIGNA is very good. The vehicle gives the same comfort as an MPV car. In addition, the car has a high curb weight (+2 tons). As a result, the SIGNA also serves as a buffer. It cannot simply be catapulted even if it were driven in to.