The story behind 77S

Our logo consists of a pointer that navigates the tow truck and recovery services to their final destination. It also automates the interaction between the players so that we can act quickly and efficiently. We provide support 7 days a week. Therefore the 77S. Hidden is an underlying valuable message. We are available at a moments notice. Break downs, are provided with our best service. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are there for you. Ready to provide support, exactly where it is needed.

Tow Traffic Support ensures that all the different players can easily and simply communicate with each other, because the core problem of non-supple collaboration is poor communication. Tow Traffic Support is a platform that interconnects all players while also automates the connection between the players. Only then can the whole process run smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

The advantage of this platform is that the service runs better on all levels: the end customer benefits, the various players get a broader understanding of the market and the cost structure becomes more competitive, so that efficiency improves for both large and small players. As icing on the cake the whole process is also environmentally friendly. It is worked out efficiently, paperless and with less unnecessary kilometers.

Tow Traffic Support in conjunction with all the players creates here a win-win situation.

  • The platform connects all the players in the breakdown and recovery market so that they can communicate with each other. At the same time automating the connection between the players. Successfully allowing us to run the whole process smoothly, quickly and efficiently.

  • The platform guards your safety: We send a warning car to every recovery situation on the motorway. Consequently, there is less chance of accidents during the proceedings.

  • The tow truck’s onboard GPS is set remotely. Ensuring the driver has the fastest route to his next assignment problem free. The specific information per tow is automatically forwarded to the tow truck driver’s iPad. Enabling him to immediately start on the problem at hand and it’s a handy checklist to boot. The communication and service is therefore faster and more efficient.

  • In our society the environment is an important concern. All data is digitally stored and handled, so we use less paper. Moreover, the tow trucks make fewer unnecessary kilometres, which make for lower CO2 emissions.

  • The platform works cost-effectively so that the cost structure is healthier. This is not only felt by the government, tow truck companies, legal insurance assistance companies, automobile clubs and transporters, but also by the end user of our service.

  • The platform is operational 24/7. You can rest assured that the platform is always ready to provide you a fast and quality service.